Famous Shopping Places With Affordable Price In Delhi

Who does not like shopping? But shopping can sometimes turn into quite a hassle. You’re often on a strict budget, you do not have the time sometimes, and even finding exactly what you’re looking for can be quite hassling. If these concerns have been keeping you worried, then relax, we have a solution. Here is a handy quick guide for famous shopping places with affordable prices. Who said shopping has to be expensive? You can look like a million bucks even without spending as much.

South Extension:

South Extension is the hub of all of Delhi’s fashionistas. With a market that is always abuzz with shoppers, this is a big hit for anyone who loves to shop. The variety that South Extension has cannot be matched by any. With as many designer labels as there are more economical alternatives, the place caters to every pocket type. Whether it is everyday wear, formal, wedding wear, or fusion wear, there is nothing that you won’t find here. There is a popular saying that if you don’t find something in South Extension that is because it probably hasn’t been invented yet. Well connected and also with several places to chill nearby such as cafes and pubs, South Ex is difficult not to fall in love with.

Greater Kailash:

Another popular haunt for Delhi residents is the Greater Kailash market or GK market. Some find it difficult to navigate around the busy market, which is why they often stay away. But once you embrace the chaos, you will realize that there is so much to do here. From clothing to shoes to accessories to bridal wear, this market has everything you can think of. Whether you’re looking for something specific, or want to just window shop, this market will not disappoint you. This market remains closed on Tuesday, so you will have to plan your visit accordingly. The specialty of this place is that you will find garments of all sizes. From Indian wear to western, formal to informal, this market is up to date on every trend there is in the business.

Sarojini Nagar:

This has to be one of the most popular shopping destinations in the country. With affordable prices, unbelievable variety, and inexpensive designer wear; Sarojini Nagar is every shopper’s paradise. If you’re on a limited budget but want to get a killer pair of boots for a party over the weekend, you know where to go. Every Delhi girl, whether a student or working, swears by this shopping hub, to remain updated on Bollywood trends and other fashion news. From bags to shoes to clothes to shades, there is nothing you won’t find here. Clothes for every season, budget, and occasion are found here. You can score Mango and Zara apparel at a fraction of the original, and no one will even know the difference.

So the next time you’re strapped for cash and are wondering where to shop, you know where to go! South Extension, Greater Kailash, and Sarojini Nagar can rescue from any and every fashion disaster.

Dorothy Smith

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