Royal Weddings in UK

The trend of royal marriages in the UK is running for very long time as we can see in the following list also.  There are some famous marriages :-

1Marriage of King Henry V to the french princess, Katherine of Valois, twelve days after signature of the Treaty of Troyes.
2 June 1420

2. Queen Elizabeth Woodville was acclaimed by the nobility in Reading Abbey on Michelmas Day, 1464, some 4 months after her secret wedding to King Edward IV

3. Private marriage of King Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn

4. Secret marriage of The Prince of Wales, later King George IV to Maria Fitzherbert, his mistress and a commoner. He married without the King’s consent. 1785

5. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s marriage in St James’s Palace, London, 1840

6. The Queen and Prince Albert on their return from the sacred ceremony, on the 10th February 1840 at St James’ Palace

7. Wedding ceremony of Prince Edward and Princess Alexandra in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, 1863

8. Prince (later King Edward VII) and Princess of Wales after their wedding, 1863.

9. The marriage of His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught to Her Royal Highness Princess Louise Margaret of Prussia.
13th March 1879

10. The marriage of Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany to Princess Helene of Waldeck Pyrmont at St George’s chapel Windsor on 27th April 1882

11. The Duke of York and his bride – July 6th 1893

12. Princess Helena marries Prince Christian of Schleswig Holstein at the chapel within Windsor Castle – July 5 1866

13. Prince George the Duke of York marries Princess Mary of Teck – St James’ Palace 1893

14. The Alliance between Great Britain and Sweden: The marriage of Princess Margaret of Connaught with Prince Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden at Windsor – June 1905

15. Princess Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden on her wedding day.
24 June 1905

16. Lord Louis and Lady Mountbatten wedding St Margarets Westminister 1922

17. The Queen Mother on her wedding day
Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon

18. Elizabeth Bowes Lyon (Queen Mother) marries Duke of York (George IV)

19. Queen Elizabeth then Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon about to enter the carriage in which she drove to Westminster Abbey for her marriage on the morning of 26th April 1923

20. Prince George Duke of Kent married Princess Marina of Greece on November 29th 1934 in Westminister Abbey

21. The marriage of the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson, 3 June 1937.

22. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor on their wedding day.

23.The wedding of Princess Elizabeth (now Queen Elizabeth II) and Prince Philip – 20th November 1947

24. Wedding Day 1947
Princess Elizabeth & Duke of Edinburgh

25.The Wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip

26. Princess Elizabeth wearing her shimmering pearl-encrusted bridal gown arrives at Westminster Abbey with His Majesty King George VI for her wedding day.
20th November 1947.

27. The Royal Wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip.
20th November 1947.

28. Royal Wedding Day. One of the bridesmaids looks a little puzzled at the sight of the bride Princess Margaret and bridegroom waving from the balcony of the Palace 6th May 1960

29. Princess Royal, Princess Anne, and Mark Phillips leave Westminster Abbey after their wedding
14th November 1973

30. Wedding of Princess Anne and Mark Phillips, November 1973

31. Lady Diana Spencer in her wedding dress.
Marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer.
29th July 1981

32. Royal Wedding of Prince Charlies and Lady Diana
2 August 1981

33.Prince Charles and his bride Lady Diana Spencer kiss on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after their wedding 29th July 1981

34.Prince Charles and Princess Diana – a ride in an open coach through cheering crowds after their wedding

35.Their Royal Highnesses THE DUKE AND DUCHESS OF YORK 23.07.1986

36.The wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson – waving to the crowds after the ceremony – 23rd July 1986



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