Advantages Of A Foamex Board That You Need To Know About

Foamex Board

One of the most cost-effective as well as user-friendly signages around – A Foamex board is actually really ideal for trade show advertising, promotional events, POS signs and so much more. If you are wondering what exactly is Foamex, then you have come to the right place. Apart from just telling you about what a Foamex board is, we can also show you how it can be used to create really high-impact signage for your business.

Without further adieu let us begin with answering the first basic question regarding what exactly is a Foamex board?

Think versatile and lightweight material, which is made of really superior quality PVC foam sheet – A Foamex board apart from all these things, is extremely flexible, which makes it easy to bend, cut, and print. This flexibility so to say, is what makes a Foamex board a really safe choice for flat applications as well – like making displays and signage that can be used indoors and outdoors as well. The fact of the matter is that Foamex is really rigid and dense and not at all foamy as the name suggests it to be!

Due to the fine cell structure that it possesses along with its smooth surface – a Foamex board is the most ideal material that can be used for processes like six color digital printing process, which uses eco-friendly UV inks. Foamex board printing ideally results in professional quality signage which also gives you a laminated high gloss finish that also makes up for a really eye-catching display!

Now coming to the second point of consideration when talking about Foamex, the Foamex printing company is going to address your query regarding – what are various advantages of Foamex.

Being easy to cut and shape, a Foamex board is lightweight and quite easy to install. This property allows a designer to create as innovative displays as they can along with requisite advertising materials. Owing to their cellular structure Foamex signs also possess an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, which makes them extremely durable as well as cost-effective – when compared to other alternatives like plywood and MDF signage. Available in various sizes such as 3mm Foamex and 5mm Foamex, the boards are weatherproof and water repellent, which means that they will not end up absorbing moisture, and hence will not bend or break when being used outdoors. 

This property makes it an extremely smart choice when thinking about exterior displays. Apart from this, signage made out of a Foamex board is also UV repellent, which means it won’t fade as much when exposed to harsh sunlight. In fact, a Foamex board is so durable that it is guaranteed that it will last at least 7 years outdoors and 10 years indoors.

When thinking about using Foamex, you can consider it for short-term marketing campaigns and even temporary signage, wherein it is economical – and when it comes to permanent signs and display a Foamex board is a smart and cost-effective choice due to its strength and durability.

Foamex signs are perfect when you think about POS signs, exhibition panels, directional signs and to be honest a lot more. At the Foamex printing company, we can create bespoke Foamex boards, that can sleep all the benefits for you how does the exceptional material and will also at the same time help your business in standing apart from the run-of-the-mill crowd. If you want to know how signage produced by Foamex printing company, can benefit your business and help you in increasing your ROI, contact us today and we will be really glad to help you.

We never shy away from a challenge and are considered to be experts in the field of direct Foamex printing. We undertake any project no matter how big or how small, and give you what can only be called fast, reliable and compelling results that you just cannot ignore! So all you need to do is upload your own photos, designs, artwork and he can help you in producing the most personal as well as perfectly customized results. You can just drop us a line and asked for our expert team to assist you in whatever your needs might be regarding printing a Foamex board.

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