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Unknown Facts About Tesco UK

Tesco is the third largest grocery and general merchandize selling company around the world. According to revenues, it is the ninth largest online retailer in the world. Jack Cohen is the founder of Tesco PLC and it was founded in the year 1919 in the form of market stalls. A number of stores has been established by Tesco in more than 12 countries worldwide. Along with this, Tesco is the best grocery retailer within United Kingdom, Ireland, Thailand and Hungary. In the 1990s, Tesco expands its business to a huge level by entering into some other areas of business such as electronics, clothes, petrol, toys, furniture and various more. Subsidiaries of Tesco includes Tesco Bank, Tesco Ireland, Tesco Kipa, Spenhill, Dunnhumby, etc.

Basically, Tesco sold their products through supermarkets as well as their online shopping portal also. Also, the customer service support of Tesco is supposed to be best in the area of business, if the customer has any query, or want any support, complaint or details about the company and products, then they can easily contact the concerned department by calling on Tesco Head Office contact number   There are some of the unknown and interesting facts about Tesco that might not know, read all this stuff below.

  • Did anyone hear about the actual property of Tesco in which all the operations took place. Tesco is considered as the largest and biggest landowners in United Kingdom. Tesco is the owner of more than land more than 68 million square feet, isn’t that huge? Even “The Telegraph” named Tesco as the “Europe’s Biggest Property Company”.
  • In 2015, Tesco has around 3300 stores within United Kingdom of different sizes. But after all this, they do not even have 20,000 employees in total to work in all these stores. This is due to negativity of Tesco and locals do not want to work with the company.
  • First supermarket of Tesco was established in the year in 1956 in an old cinema which is converted into a supermarket later. Today, Tesco has 4811 stores worldwide and more than 4,72,00 staff. In Britain, they have 2482 stores.
  • Infact, Tesco claims that they are the most profitable grocery retailer in the whole world. In the year 2014, total sale of Tesco is 70 Billion Euros. According to this, per day sale of Tesco is near about 200 Million Euros.
  • Out of approximately 5,00,000 employees, 3,00,00 of employees are only from United Kingdom. This number is greater than the total employees working in Royal Air Force. You can also contact Tesco Customer Service London for any product related queries.
  • After its first store in Britain, Tesco opened their first international store in Hungary and then in China, Poland, Ireland, Japan and more.
  • Even the subsidiaries of Tesco in Thailand and South Korea are the biggest supermarkets in the country.
  • In 1995, Tesco launched their club membership scheme and now it has more than 16 million registered club card members around the globe.
  • Warren Buffett, multi-billionaire of U.S. faced a loss of $678 million by investing in Tesco in 2014. According to Warren, it was the biggest mistake in investing in Tesco.

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