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Why Is It So Popular To Have Tanned Skin?

In today’s world there are so many people who desperately want to be in the sun. When they actually get the time and the freedom to be in the sun, they do not want to leave. This is because being in the sun calms us down and uplifts our moods so much that it can immediately be felt. More importantly our bodies also receive much needed vitamins from the sun and leave your skin with a glow. In today’s society this glow has become a sign of health.

When your friends go on their holiday to the Bahamas or Thailand, where the hot sun is no stranger, and they return back sun kissed, they seem to be looking healthier and more relaxed. This can possibly be the biggest reason as to why tanned skin is so popular. We can see the evidence of this in mainstream fashion where most models portray a sun kissed skin color as a sign of health and prosperity.

To get this tan does not always come natural when it comes to most people. Because of not being able to or not wanting to spend the time in the sun, many opt for an artificial replacement in the form of a tanning cream or an electronic tanning bed. Due to the popular trend, these artificial methods have become massive industries around the world, especially in places like Europe and in the UK.

It is obvious that northern European countries and the UK do not have the regular access to the sun that most other countries enjoy. This can make it challenging to keep that glowing tan everyone desires, but none the less where there is a will there is a way and the very little sunlight does not keep people away from maintaining their glowing tan look. Some will go to extreme lengths to maintain this healthy look

Here are the best solutions to keeping your skin glowing and looking healthy.

Take a Winter Holiday to the Sun

One great solution to keep your tan is to book a holiday to a sunny country as soon as winter falls on your home country like the UK for example. During summer you can utilize whatever bit of sun you get in the UK and when it completely disappears in the coming of winter, why not go get some more sun in Indonesia or India. This can keep you tanned and healthy all year round. No artificial method comes close to the real thing of bathing your body in the energizing sunrays.

Spray Tan

This is an easy solution to keeping your tanned look. As the seasons change and your tan starts to fade with the absence of the sun in winter, many people will opt for a spray tan. Even just one session can touch up your tan and keep it lasting a bit longer. This is a pretty good method for touching things up, but be careful of doing too much or the look could backfire on you.


Sunbeds make it easy for anyone to quickly visit a salon for a tan or even order their own sunbed delivered to their home for them to use at any time they please. Companies like Bestsunbeds UK make it easy and affordable for anyone to get their own sunbed.

There has obviously been a lot of concern about the health risks surrounding sunbeds but the technology has truly advanced a long way from where it started and because of diligent research we can now have good safety guidelines.

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