Effective Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Body hair is frowned upon by both men and women. This is why people adopt myriad ways to attain smooth, hair-free skin. Some traditional methods to get rid of body hair are shaving and waxing, but laser treatment is getting the most attention in recent years.

If you are also a fan of this effective treatment and have just got your first session, you need to follow specific steps to take care of your skin to enjoy the best results.

What are those steps, you ask?

Well, they are as follows –

Stay Away From The Sun, Tanning Parlours, And Other Sources Of UV Radiation

As per the resident dermatologist associated with a leading skin clinic that offers laser hair removal London, treatment recipients need to protect their skin, especially the treated areas, from sun exposure.

The reason is simple –

The Ultra Violet rays present in sunlight will react with your recently laser-treated skin and leave you with a bad case of skin irritation. If you are not careful enough, your laser-treated skin can also get sunburnt!

For the best results, avoid venturing out without covering the laser-treated areas of your skin with layers of cotton-based clothes. You would also need to stay away from the beach, sunbathing sessions, and artificial tanning parlours.

Stay Away From Traditional Hair Removal Methods Except Shaving

A representative of a reputed skin clinic that provides high-quality laser hair removal London also advises their clients to avoid all other types of traditional hair removal methods. Especially in the areas of their skin that have been treated with lasers. If subjected to conventional hair removal methods like waxing or plucking, laser-treated skin can destroy the topmost layer of the skin.

Bear in mind that, as per experts, you can shave after two days since you have had your laser treatment session.

Stay Away From Skincare Products

Dermatologists recommend people who just had their laser treatment stay away from topical skin care products even if they are natural concoctions.

After a laser session, your skin will be sensitive and in its healing phase. Hence, applying skincare products that are chemical-based, organic or natural concoctions is a bad idea.

Furthermore, chemical-based skincare products can damage your laser-treated sensitive skin. Organic skincare products, to some extent, would have chemical-based stabilisers and preservatives, which can threaten the healing process of your skin. In addition, natural concoctions such as aloe vera gel or curd have organic compounds that may (or may not) react with your laser-treated sensitive skin.

Hence, it is best to avoid applying anything on your skin, after laser treatment, at least for two days, for the best results.


All the post-treatment care will be in vain if you fail to get laser treatment from a revered skin clinic. Always double-check that the skin clinic uses the latest laser treatment equipment. For the best results, you would also need to make sure that the skin clinic has certified staff members and a reputed dermatologist under its payroll.

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