How To Make A Prom Party Bus Rental

Arranging the transport for your prom party can be a slight bit of an issue, especially if you are planning to go together with a group of friends. You can either carpool with your friends and decide to take your cars, or you can rent a bus and go together in a single transport. If you want to go to the prom together with your whole group of friends, there’s really, no point in going in separate cars as that defeats the whole purpose of going together. However, that doesn’t mean that your only option is to rent a boring old bus to head down to one of the most memorable nights of your life.

Rather than renting an ordinary bus, you can make a booking for a prom party bus. There are only a handful of companies that offer prom party bus rentals in NJ. You can contact the company in advance and make a booking for the party bus so that the company can make arrangements beforehand. Bigger party buses, such as the Ford F 750 bus, can easily accommodate up to 50 passengers. If the number of people in your group is under 30, you can make a booking for the Hummer Transformer.

What’s a Party Bus?

Most people are often confused about the difference between an ordinary bus and a party bus. A party bus is a modified version of a luxury vehicle. Unlike ordinary buses, it’s fitted with a top-of-the-line entertainment system and comes with a range of different amenities. As the name suggests, this is a party bus, designed to give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience on wheels.

There are strobe lights inside (you can change the colours as per your wishes) and rows of luxury seats on either side. If the guests on the bus are over the age of 21, you can also choose the option of a mobile bar inside the bus. The high-fidelity surround sound speaker system will play your favourite music throughout the journey. The party begins as soon as you get on the bus! There is plenty of room on the bus and if you have any special requests for the driver, you can just highlight them at the time you make the booking, and the company will be happy to accommodate them for you.


It stands to reason that companies that offer party buses on a rental basis generally charge a higher price for the rentals. The party buses aren’t exclusively limited to prom: you can also rent them for going to a wedding or virtually any place where you want to make a star-studded appearance. The stylish appearance of the bus is bound to turn heads as it rolls outside the venue and people start getting out. The total cost of the rental varies depending upon the distance to be travelled and the amount of time that the driver might have to wait at the destination.

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