Great Sign Ideas For Your Beauty Salon

In tough economic times, small businesses are looking for ways to make their money go further, and beauty salons are no exception. Ordering business signs help identify your salon and get customers’ attention, but a poorly-designed sign can actually harm your business reputation, so it’s important to create a sign that’s attractive and effective. You know your industry and you know what sells, but translating that to a sign can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some tips to help with the process.
Stand out

It’s important to create a design that will get noticed. Research your competitors and look at their signage so that you know how to make yours stand out from the crowd. Tanned, buxom blondes on the beach will certainly attract customers, but it’s not exactly a unique concept for beauty signage, so don’t be afraid to venture out.

Clear and Concise

Signage is meant to sell your business, but don’t overcomplicate your signs with too many images or unnecessary text. With storefront graphics, sometimes images are all that’s necessary to catch a window shopper’s eye. Vinyl banners are designed to be read from a distance, so limit yourself to as little text as possible. Potential customers should be able to ascertain the general message of your sign with just a quick glance-any longer and they’ll pass you by.

Size limitations

Another factor to consider when designing your beauty salon signs is your size limitations. Measure each area where you would like to display a sign, and then create your design accordingly. Smaller spaces offer less room for text and sometimes can benefit from simple product images. Larger spaces can be used to list services, business hours, etc., but if you want the signs to be read from a distance, you should keep your text large and simple.

What’s Most Important. 

Most of the time, potential clients view your signs very quickly. As business owners, we can be tempted to squeeze as much information as possible onto our signs, as we want customers to know everything that we have to offer. This is a great idea in theory, but once printed a banner or window sign with too much information will simply overwhelm the reader and cause them to pass you by. It’s important to focus on a core message, and edit when necessary so that your sign makes a powerful impact quickly.

Has Fun

Beauty should be a fun and enjoyable experience. Your salon signage should reflect this as well. Using beautiful scenery and happy people in your images, along with positive, exciting content, will create a sunny atmosphere in your storefront which your customers will love. The more people like being in your salon, the more they will come back!

What Makes You Credible

Most salon clients want to know that they’re getting good service for their money. Signs can help convey this message, as well. By listing your certifications or experience in your store window or on a banner inside the salon, your customers will see that they’re in good hands with you and your stylists. Also, stay on the cutting-edge (no pun intended) of the beauty industry by offering new treatments, products, style tips, etc., which can be promoted with temporary window clings. As an authority in your industry, you’ll have no problem reaching new clients and keeping current ones coming back.

Regardless of whether you’re a small beauty boutique or a large nationwide chain, signage is necessary to build your reputation and help customers to identify your business. Using these design tips, you’ll have no problem designing an effective beauty salon sign.

Ellis Ramsey