The Advantages Of Getting A Dental Crown

dental crown

In cosmetic dentistry, the various aesthetic needs of your teeth are taken care of. From procedures like teeth whitening that help in making your teeth look whiter and brighter, to invisible fillings, that help in addressing the problem of cavities in your teeth – in the most inconspicuous manner possible. With the strides made in dentistry today, it is possible to address almost any cosmetic need for your teeth to make sure that you’re smiling always.

Dental crowns hence have a wide range of restorative as well as cosmetic use. They can be used to provide additional support to teeth that have been damaged or to even mask any dental flaws such as crooked teeth. Custom fabricated porcelain dental crowns, help in ensuring that they are the most appropriate size, shape as well as color. When performed right, a dental crown is secured in place in a manner that blends discreetly with your surrounding teeth. 

Dental crowns as a procedure, have a lot of benefits to offer to patients. In fact, their restorative capabilities include their ability to:

  • Help in supporting a tooth that has been damaged quite badly due to tooth decay or an accident
  • It can help in restoring a tooth after a root canal procedure
  • It can help in holding together a whole set of severely broken or cracked teeth
  • Help in protecting acorn out tooth
  • Act as an anchor for dental bridges

Dental crowns can also be used in an aesthetic capacity to help in the improvement of the appearance of your teeth, in fact, they can help in:

  • Adding length or width to teeth that are actually quite misshapen
  • Help in masking any tooth discoloration or staining
  • Covering up of a dental implant

Dental crowns help in preserving the functionality of damaged teeth, which makes it quite a common cosmetic dentistry procedure when dealing with protecting, a cracked tooth or restoring the functionality of a tooth that is suffering from excessive decay or even in the case of having to replace a pre-existing crown. In the procedure – dentists encase the needy tooth with a custom-designed material.

This is especially looked to as the final solution if your tooth decay is really extensive and really in a manner so much so that veneers or direct composite binding are no longer an option for you. Another scenario is if you’ve undergone root canal treatment and hence now require a protective dental crown to protect the remainder of the structure. 

After your permanent crown has been placed, your dentists will provide you with all the aftercare oral hygiene habits that need to be inculcated to ensure the longevity of your dental crown. This, along with regular hygienist treatment will help you in making sure that your teeth stay in the best shape.

Dental crowns are one of the best ways to make sure that any dental imperfections that you might be suffering from can be taken care of in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible, so if looking for a new and improved smile, contact your dentist today!

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