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Food And Lifestyle: To Avoid Cancer

There are various types of cancer that can affect a particular organ of the body. In fact there are various substances that cause cancer. If you are a high smoker there are chances of developing lung cancer and those who expose their skin to the sun can develop melanoma on the legs. You must remember here that what affects one tissue might not affect the other. In the same way tobacco cannot cause skin cancer and sun rays cannot be the reason for lung cancer.

What causes cancer?

There are a number of factors that are responsible for causing cancer. Carcinogen is the cancer causing agents. For example tobacco smoke is a very powerful carcinogen, but everybody doesn’t get cancer because of it. There are many other factors responsible for it.

• Age- this is an important factor. Since most of the cells that become cancerous take a long time to develop. In order for a cell to become cancerous the genes need to go through a lot of changes. It takes a really long time. So the longer you live it is more likely for some genetic mistakes to occur.

• Immune system- people who have a bad immune system have more chances of developing cancer. People who have HIV, people who go through organ replacement or using any drug to suppress the immune system have higher chances of cancer. Those who are born with some kind of rare disease that affects the immunity can even have cancer.

• The lifestyle change- those who have a rough lifestyle and are into fat and fast food can even develop cancer. Smoking and consuming alcohol are two of the most identified causes of cancer in today’s men. Along with these the ill dietary habits including red meats and processed food can cause cancer.

• The environment- the harmful emission from workplace, the pollution, asbestos and smoking are some of the other notable causes of cancer. Some of these are avoidable while the rest are not.

The foods that needs to be included in diet

• Serve delicious sauerkraut at dinner party- if you didn’t know that sauerkraut contains some cancer fighting substances. So, the next time you have a dinner party at home; don’t forget to include this in the main course. This can be a pretty good alternative to pasta.

• Go for steamed broccoli instead of microwaving it- broccoli is a cancer food that you should include in your diet every day. Do away with the microwave option and steam it. Eat it raw as a snack, steam it or include in the soup and salad.

• Toast the Brazil nuts and add it on your salad- the Brazil nuts too are helps in cell repair and force the cell cancer cell to die. Eat in whatever way you want. Serve it as snack or just add them in your homemade soup.

• Say yes to garlic- do not forget to include garlic in all the food that you eat. It stimulates the immune system and also offers good protection against cancer.

• Include half cup of blueberries into your bowl of cereal- blueberries are believed to contain antioxidant power, so add some into your cereal

Some daily things to follow

• Drink a lot of water; it helps to flush out toxins.

• Stay hydrated and drink caffeine almost 5 cups a day.

• Filter the tap water before you drink. Store the water in stainless steel bottles or glass bottles.

• Remember to marinate the meat before you grill it.

By including these foods and by bringing some change in your ill lifestyle you can bid goodbye to cancer. In case of any medical emergency stay prepared and fill up the EHIC application. This will take care of all your health issues.

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