What is a Gastric Band?


As the name indicates, a gastric band fits around the stomach. A simple way of thinking of it is a bit like putting an adjustable band around a semi-inflated balloon. It is a device, which is used to help people to lose weight. However, to fit the gastric band, surgery is necessary.

Who is Gastric Band Surgery Suitable For?

It is really only designed for those people who are severely overweight and cannot successfully lose weight using diet and exercise. As a result, this form of weight loss solution is not to be used as the first option. However, in certain cases, it can be a life-changing procedure. The success rate can be very high indeed with most people managing to lose a high percentage of their excess weight and keep it off for their lifetime as long as they follow some simple rules on their dietary habits after surgery.

Because being severely overweight brings so many health risks, gastric band surgery is available for some on the NHS. However, the waiting list is long and the qualification criterion is extremely strict. Because people want to get on with their lives and reduce their risk of serious illness more and more are turning to private clinics for this kind of surgery.

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