How To Choose A Taxi In Oxford

If you’re in a busy city like Oxford, it can often seem like a pain if you have to choose a taxi. We know the hassles you face, and we love helping, so here are a few tips for how to choose a taxi in Oxford.

What matters to you when choosing a taxi?

Although this is really down to personal choice, there are a few criteria that most people appreciate and are common to many, such as:-


How often have we heard “he’s five minutes away” or “he’s just around the corner” when it comes to taxis? A decent taxi company should provide vehicles at the correct time, so punctuality and reliability is important. Taxi companies that invest in a growing fleet to ensure the availability of vehicles is often the most successful.

24/7 Call centre

Occasionally, you may have to call ‘base’ about your taxi – to complain, or to change details. What’s more frustrating than for your to call to remain unanswered?

Tracking systems

Tracking systems in taxis actually have dual benefits – they provide GPS-type directions (so there are no more lost or diverted drivers) but also they provide security by real-time monitoring of all journeys.

Eco Friendly

Looking after the environment is important to us all, and taxi companies are no different. Taxi companies are turning more and more ‘green’ these days so look for ones that commit to protecting the environment by reducing emissions or other enviro-friendly initiatives.


CCTV these days is a must-have in taxis, not just for personal safety but also for customer care. Passengers need to feel reassured when travelling, and CCTV is a big factor in improving the safety of passengers.

Uniformed Drivers

What shows a taxi driver takes pride in his job other than wearing a uniform? With a uniformed driver, a taxi company makes a statement about travelling in style and enforcing high standards of customer satisfaction and company branding.

So how to choose a taxi in Oxford?

Of course, it goes without saying (almost) that all the above six criteria should be fulfilled by an Oxford taxi company.

When you choose a taxi company such as Go Green Taxi, you can be reassured they will ‘go the extra mile (pun intended!) on not only the above six criteria but also to cover anywhere you need to go in Oxford or Didcot.

You can also be assured your taxi won’t be expensive, and you can even upgrade to an ‘executive’ car, or even a multi-function 8 seater,  depending on your journey needs – shopping, airport transfer, business meeting etc.

You all have the convenience of being able to summon a taxi using a smartphone if you prefer not to call the call centre, or book online.

If you regularly use taxis, you could also set up an account for convenience and to receive priority service, I got a taxi from Oxford with them and did just that.

Conclusion: how to choose a taxi in Oxford? Contact the best today!

So now you know all the criteria to look for that make a taxi company ‘the best, and the extra benefits of choosing a reputable taxi company in Oxford and Didcot, the only remaining question is – why haven’t you contacted them yet?

Paula Henderson