A Day in the Life of a Live in Carer

Live in care

Live in care bridges the need for fulltime support with the comfort of your own home – bringing a carer into the home where they not only work but also live to facilitate round the clock care as required.

The concept of live in care in Chelmsford is designed to provide those in need, across all age groups and with all manner of conditions and ailments, with support at home. This allows them to lead a relatively normal life surrounded by home comforts, with the benefit of hands-on support when it’s needed.

To help families and those in need of care and support to work out if live in care is right for them, this blog explores a day in the life of a carer in Chelmsford.

The role of a live in carer

The role of a live in carer is incredibly varied and encompasses hands-on medical and physical support alongside chores around the house. From cooking and cleaning to helping administer medication, facilitating social events and doctor visits, and generally lending a helping hand when it’s needed, a live in carer can take on a multitude of roles as part of their work with the family.

One of the biggest benefits beyond the physical and practical support of a live in carer, is the fact that they offer emotional support. For those living with chronic conditions, facing dementia, or navigating life with complex challenges, having someone who can listen and who is around 24/7 is another added bonus which is often underrated but forms a crucial part of every live in carers role.

Communication between the carer and family

Of course, the role of a live in carer stretches beyond simply working with the individual in need of care. As part of their commitment to the family, a live in carer will provide regular updates to those involved in the ad hoc care of the individual – putting their minds at peace about their loved one’s wellbeing and safety.

One of the reasons why so many families reach out for live in care support for a loved one is to grant the individual the comfort of having their wellbeing catered for at home, while still being able to live their own lives outside of their care commitments. A live in carer offers everyday support so that family members and friends can visit and spend time with their loved one, safe in the knowledge that their health and wellbeing is covered.

Finding the right carer for your family

So, how do you find the right live in carer for you?

Most agencies and companies that offer live in care support will work with the family to identify and understand their needs, and then match them with the carer best suited to their circumstance. Age, the type of care required, the complexity of the condition or challenges, and location all play a part in helping us to assign the best carer to each family.

To find out more about live in care with Ivy Palmer, and to understand a little more about the role of a carer and how they could support you, get in touch with the team today.