Is There Any Hope for The Royals Season 5? Latest Information Regarding Elizabeth Hurley’s Interview

the royals season 5

Since the first season of Mark Schwahn’s comic series “The Royals” about a made-up British royal family came out in 2015, a lot of people have liked it, even though it has gotten some bad reviews. Though The Royals fans loved and praised the show a lot, the producers confirmed in 2018 that they were ending the show after the fourth season ended too soon. Fans were eagerly waiting for the release date of the royals season 5, and the story for the fifth season had already been written. However, we found out that the show was being canceled.

What did happen in the end that made the show’s makers decide not to make a fifth season? Is it possible that the next season will come out? What does Elizabeth Hurley, the star of the show, have to say about this? Follow us to find out more about what’s going on with season 5 of The Royals and the chat with Elizabeth Hurley.

Can we hope that Season 5 of The Royals will come out?

Based on the book “Falling for Hamlet” by Michelle Ray, the first season of The Royals started on March 15, 2015, on E! Networks. The fourth season of The Royals came out on January 5, 2016, and the second season came out a few months before the first season. The fourth season was supposed to come out on February 16, 2017, but it didn’t come out until March 11, 2018.

Fans enjoyed the dark and fancy world of the British royal family and all of its turns and twists over the course of four seasons. They were looking forward to something exciting in the next season. Unfortunately, on August 17, 2018, The Royals team broke the sad news that the show would no longer be airing. Fans and the show’s main star, Elizabeth Hurley, think there are still a lot of stories to tell and that the show should have a proper ending.

What Elizabeth Hurley Thinks About Season 5 of The Royals:

When asked about how she felt about how The Royals ended on the late-night talk show “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” on Bravo, Hurley said she wasn’t happy with how it ended and didn’t think it would end this way. Additionally, Hurley said that there would definitely be an additional season to give the show a proper finish. She even felt sorry for the fans when they were upset. Why was the show suddenly cancelled, then?

the royals season 5 Was Canceled, Why?

When he was working on “One Tree Hill,” the show’s author, Mark Schwahn, was accused of sexual harassment. This accusation got Mark fired, and the show was cancelled. Twenty-five cast and crew members wrote a letter opposing Mark, saying that he sexually abused several female cast and crew members on a regular basis without their permission.

Storyline and cast for The Royals:

The fight for the throne after Robert’s death is at the heart of The Royals. The Queen and the king’s brother are always working together to protect the royal family’s honour and the king’s throne. In the story, we see how the family members become fiercely competitive with each other for the throne.

  • The Royals has had a lot of great stars. The list below shows some of them.
  • Queen Helena Henstridge is played by Elizabeth Hurley.
  • In the role of King Simon Henstridge, Vincent Regan
  • Prince Liam Henstridge, played by William Moseley
  • Prince Cyrus Henstridge is played by Jake Maskall.
  • In the role of Princess Eleanor Henstridge, Alexandra Park
  • When Oliver Milburn played Ted Pryce
  • Sir Jasper Frost, played by Tom Austen
  • When she played Ophelia Pryce, Merritt Patterson
  • In the role of King Robert Henstridge, Max Brown
  • Elizabeth Genevieve Gaunt as Wilhelmina “Willow” Plus Moreno

Locations to Watch the Royals?

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple iTunes, Vudu, Redbox, and FandangoNOW are all places where you can watch The Royals.

Since The Royals was cancelled in 2018, there is no reason to think that the next season will come out. The only way for Season 5 of The Royals to happen is for another big production company or author to make the show again.

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