How To Keep Your Horse Warm During The Winter Months?

heavyweight turnout rug

Horses always feel comfortable if there is proper insulation and thus you should make necessary arrangements for maintaining the best insulation in your horse’s stable. If you think that keeping the horses under shelter will give them the necessary warmth then you are wrong. Therefore, you need to make some special arrangements for preserving the body heat of your horse, especially during winter. In this respect, using a turnout rug would be the best solution and you must go for it. 

Best ways of keeping a horse warm in winter

  • If you do thorough research then you will come to know that heavyweight turnout rug can cater the maximum heat of horses during cold weather. You need to choose such a rug whose fabric is quite comfortable to deal with especially when the horse is wearing the same for long hours at a stretch. Make sure that the rug is not too very heavy otherwise your horse will not be able to carry it comfortably. You should get the best variety of turnout rugs for your horse in order to keep your horse away from uneasiness and unwanted skin issues.
  • Winter coats with heavy furs are also quite useful for preserving body temperature in a proper way. These coats protect the horses’ bodies from the cold weather outside. By wearing these coats the horses remain warm for a longer period of time. The heat is nicely trapped and this is how the skin remains protected. These coats are usually made up of the finest fibers that enhance the longevity of the coats for many years. You have to pick the best color and size to complement the personality and needs of your horse. You can easily get these coats online with lots of potential options.
  • Feeding the horses with extremely high-fiber foods is another great idea in this regard. These kinds of foods produce lots of heat and energy in a horse’s body. Every day almost two pounds of these foods are sufficient for holding back the warmth. You have to keep on feeding these foods to your horses throughout the whole winter season. These foods also accelerate digestion as a result of which your horses remain free from indigestion issues. If your horse is not too fleshy then you have to increase the food quantity so that fats can grow faster and can produce more warmth.  

You can also build the stable in quite a specialized manner so that the heat does affect the horses kept there. You can have some of the best suggestions from an expert so that you can get the right ideas of keeping the horses warm. You can now buy the best quality heavyweight turnout rug from any reliable store online. 

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