Top 15 Prank Links To Send To Friends: Verified Websites

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Engaging in pranks can elicit happiness and fun for both ourselves and those in our vicinity, similar to the act of exchanging jokes for entertainment purposes. This post presents a compilation of 15 top-notch prank links that are amusing, offensive, impressive, and capable of startling your acquaintances.

In the contemporary era characterised by rapidity, where rivalry is intense, we frequently discover ourselves exerting relentless effort to achieve success. Nevertheless, in the midst of the frenetic activity, we occasionally overlook the need to pause to relax and derive pleasure.

This is particularly true amidst the arduous circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, wherein a significant number of individuals have encountered bereavement and persistently confront unpredictability. In the middle of these difficulties, it is crucial to discover methods to enhance our morale and sustain a well-balanced way of life. Laughter and fun are essential in this context, as they enhance our immune system and elevate our mood.

In this blog post, I will provide a compilation of the most amusing, offensive, and impressive prank websites, along with jumpscare links, which can be utilised to play pranks on your pals and bring about amusement. Nevertheless, it is crucial to engage in pranks exclusively with individuals who possess the ability to recognise and enjoy the comedic nature of the situation, and respond to it with a positive and lighthearted attitude. Refrain from engaging in pranks with those who may possess heightened sensitivity or a propensity to take offence readily.

If you have limited time or are unable to meet face-to-face, you can still play a prank on your buddies using your laptop. There is a wide array of hoax links accessible on the internet that can be utilised to deceive your acquaintances, either via email or messaging applications such as WhatsApp.

Keep in mind that genuine friends are the ones that can share a joke with you and approach everything with a lighthearted attitude. Prank in a responsible manner and make sure that you do not cause any emotional harm to others. Now, let’s explore the 15 prank links that you can email to your buddies.

15 prank links to Mislead Friends Shadyurl

Through extensive experimentation with several hoax websites, I have identified a certain prank URL that excels at deceiving friends. To do this task, you can navigate to the website, input the desired URL, and proceed by selecting the Submit option.

This website converts your hyperlink into a dubious-looking URL, inducing your buddy to exhibit caution before clicking on it. Although it serves as a tool for shortening URLs, it introduces a sense of doubt regarding the link. Experiment with your pals and carefully monitor their responses—you are certain to derive amusement from the prank!

The website Fakewhats.Com is an online platform that allows users to create counterfeit WhatsApp conversations, including all the necessary parameters to make them seem genuine. You can simulate these chats by utilising the identities of your acquaintances or any other individuals, and thereafter present them to your buddies with the intention of playing a practical joke on them.

By offering a wide range of customisation options, you have the ability to personalise the conversation to enhance its realism. Moreover, this prank website provides a multitude of methods to play tricks on your buddies, rendering it the optimal selection for WhatsApp pranks.

Hacker Typer is a humorous and geeky prank links.

If you have ever witnessed films depicting hackers operating on a dark screen with green text, you are likely aware of the captivating effect it produces. Hacker Typer is an ideal tool for creating the illusion that you possess the same abilities as someone else.

Begin inputting text, and it will replicate the visual representation of a hacker engaging in rapid typing. This can be utilised to play practical jokes on your buddies and derive amusement from the situation.

Take pleasure in deceiving your pals!

Geek Typer is a humorous prank links that appeals to geeks.

Geek Typer bears resemblance to Hacker Typer, although it provides customisation capabilities allowing users to select a theme for the typing interface. There is a wide array of themes to choose from, allowing you to just select one and begin typing.

One can also modify the backdrop and text colours to establish a more genuine ambiance of hacking. Engaging in this activity and typing in the presence of your acquaintances may create the perception that you possess the skills and expertise of a proficient hacker. It is an enjoyable method to play tricks on your buddies.

Love Calculator (Endearing Humorous prank links)

Love Calculator is an online platform that provides a deceptive hyperlink for you to share with your acquaintances. Upon your friends’ utilisation of this hyperlink and inputting their own names as well as their partners’ names, all pertinent information will be sent to you via email. After you submit, your friends will be informed that it was a prank, and your email address will receive a notification containing the names that were input.

This prank links not only offers amusement but also enables you to humorously uncover the identities of your friends’ partners.

Shit Express (prank links with Offensive Odour and Humorous Intent)

Shit Express is an online platform that allows users to mail faeces from a variety of animal species to any recipient of their choice. This is an excellent prank links that you may provide to your friends, allowing them to play a prank on their other friends by placing orders for animal faeces. Delivering a malodorous present to someone might be genuinely enjoyable.

Future News (Link to Futuristic Prank)

News of Future is a satirical website that exclusively features news articles from a hypothetical future. This prank links can be utilised to deceive your pals, as they will be astounded by the captivating content featured on this page.

Large-sized items

Greatbigstuff is an online platform that specialises in selling ordinary products in unconventional dimensions. For instance, if you intend to get a pen, it will be of substantial dimensions. You have the option to purchase an item on behalf of your friends with the intention of teasing them, or alternatively, you can share this website with your buddy so that they can engage in playful tricks on others. This is an exceptional prank link that may be sent to your friends to enjoy a playful experience.

Flatulence Assault

This practical joke is quite humiliating but ideal for amusement, particularly inside a professional setting. To execute this practical joke, patiently await your friend’s departure from their designated position, subsequently proceed to install the Chrome extension known as Fart Attack onto their computer. Each instance of clicking on a hyperlink or button will produce an auditory emission like the sound of flatulence. Amplify the sound output of their personal computer by installing the extension to achieve optimal impact. This practical joke can be uproarious, but ensure that your pal have the capacity to handle it with levity.

Prank involving a Facebook status

Facebook Status Prank is a remarkable prank links that allows you to deceive your pals or your own Facebook friends by creating a fabricated status.

Send Glitter to Your Adversaries

This website provides a diverse range of sparkly and humorous products that can be sent to both friends and adversaries with the intention of causing annoyance. Nevertheless, it is crucial to execute this practical joke in a jovial manner while being mindful of not causing any emotional harm.

Facts about cats

Although Cat Facts is a service that requires payment, it can be effectively utilised to prank your friends by sending them anonymous cat-related information. You have the ability to anonymously send a multitude of cat-related information to your friend’s phone number with the intention of teasing or provoking them.
Additional Humorous Prank Websites : is a website that enables users to enhance their selfies or their friends’ selfies by adding amusing gifs and phrases, resulting in humorous content that can be used for trolling purposes.

Peter Answers: is an online platform that allows users to input any inquiry, and it will respond with a potentially humorous or provocative answer. It has resemblance to Google Assistant or Siri, but, the responses can be really entertaining.

Fraudulent Check-ins: If you desire to deceive your acquaintances by feigning your presence at a location when you are actually absent, this application is ideally suited for your purpose. Take pleasure in deceiving your acquaintances by fabricating check-in locations.

Anonymous SMS: You have the ability to send SMS messages without revealing your identity to your acquaintances or relatives, allowing you to engage in playful tricks with them. The manner in which you shape the narratives is entirely at your discretion, allowing for an enhanced prank experience. Watch this video to discover the website that allows you to send SMS messages anonymously while keeping your identity concealed.


Below are few highly effective prank links that can be sent to friends with the intention of teasing them and prompting them to share these links with others to perpetuate the pranks. Although there are many websites that facilitate prank links, it is crucial to prioritise the prevention of any emotional harm to anyone involved.

Hacker Typer is my preferred choice due to my fascination with hacking movies. The act of observing code being entered on a black and blue screen is both enjoyable and invigorating for me.

And what about yourself? Which prank link do you consider to be your favourite?