Top 5 Honeymoon Places

Getting engaged opens up a world of amazing new opportunities, including the freedom to browse wedding publications openly because you are actually wearing a ring this time, to share your private wedding board with the world, and to look into honeymoon places. Although I’ve always had a single destination in mind for our honeymoon, after looking around (and actually considering whatever Risk analysis and risk evaluation wants to though), we now have a few choices.

Like in Maldives

Once more, the Maldives appear to be breathtaking. I’d want to live in one of those cottages above water. It’s obvious why it’s regarded as one of the greatest paradisiacal locations on earth. The beaches and lagoons provide amazing scenery. Paradise is here for real. I could absolutely see ourselves here having a great time and being really relaxed. Also, it seems like a pretty romantic location with restaurants offering candlelit meals outside.


Italy wasn’t particularly on my radar as a honeymoon location till someone brought it up. I’ve always wanted to visit there. either Milan, Venice, or Sorrento. It would be wonderful to spend equally leisurely days here on the beach or active days exploring in such a stunning location. Also, our fave cuisine is Italian, which would make it a bonus!


This is the event that I’ve always seen myself attending. Hawaii has always been my vacation spot in my imagination. It appears to be peaceful and lovely, with lots of activities. I want to stay at a hotel somewhere and spend my days sipping drinks while watching the sunset from the beach. That would also be amazing because swimming with dolphins has always been a goal of mine. I believe a couple of days in Hawaii would’ve been ideal after all the strain of wedding planning.

Florida’s Disneyland

It’s only fitting that we spend our honeymoon at Disneyworld, Florida, where we got engaged! I’ve done a lot of studies on the parks in Florida and California that I want to visit. Florida triumphs primarily due to its size. Disney World, Epcot, Movie Studios, and Animal Kingdom are the four fantastic parks in Disneyworld. We’re considering taking our honeymoon in Nov, immediately following the wedding, so we’d get to experience it throughout the holiday season! Although he might claim otherwise.

S. African

I would love to take a safari, albeit I’m not certain where. I’ve long wanted to visit one since they seem great and seeing all those incredible creatures in their own home would be amazing. There would be a heck of a lot to see and do there, and I believe it would be a wonderful experience.

Therefore, these are the only locations we’re looking at. It will take us a while to decide because it’s hard to pick just one location! Where did you travel on your honeymoon, or would you? I’m interested in learning more!