4 Rooftop Bars With Any Greatest Sunset Views In London

What could be more enjoyable than a cocktail date at a rooftop bars? Having cocktails with someone while enjoying the best skyline views in London at one of my top 4 rooftop pubs! The city of London takes its drinking quite seriously, lol. This is seen from the city’s endless supply of taverns and pubs. The after-work drinks are a crucial component of the working world. When a coworker is celebrating a birthday, a promotion, or just about anything, there is usually an invitation floating around. Greetings from Happy Hour 2 for 1! I am used to this because I work in a city environment.

My recommendations for destinations are often limited to those I have personally visited, so they are always subjective. Of course, the city is littered with bars from which you can see the skyline of London. But these 4 are the tried-and-true staples that I can now rely on. So, here are 4 rooftop bars with the greatest views of London’s skyline for your perusal.

Radio Roof Top

I went to Radio Roof Top for the first time with Mr. E on a date night last year. He felt I would enjoy it because he and his coworkers had gone a few weeks before. He, therefore, scheduled a surprise outing for us. It is situated on ME London’s 10th level and offers the most breathtaking views of Somerset House and the skyline of the city. Big Ben, the London Eye, the Shard, and St. Paul’s are all visible in the distance.

The beverage selection is extensive. However, the bar is happy to create a cocktail if you’d want to try one that isn’t on the list!

 Waffles and Duck

The rooftop bar of Duck n Waffle, which is on the 40th floor, is one of the most beautiful. It ranks among my top 4 locations for viewing the London skyline.

One of my favorite cocktail lists in all of London is theirs. I believe that everyone can benefit from it. The fact that Duck n Waffle also functions as a restaurant makes the experience even better. Therefore, lunch is nearby if you are feeling a little too tipsy after drinking. It is enclosed, which is another MAJOR benefit. Although you are indoors, you can see the entire London skyline from the rooftop where you are. If London rain starts to pour crazy while you are sipping your G&T, this is a fantastic place to take cover.

Sushi Samba, a “sister” establishment to Duck n Waffle, offers rooftop seating for al fresco drinking. Even though they have no connection at all, who is asking? With the option to visit either Duck n Waffle or Sushi Samba, the building is a 2-for-1 building! While Duck n Waffle is located on the 40th floor, Sushi Samba is located on the 38th and 39th floors.

 A roost

The 10th level of the Montcalm Royal London House Hotel is where you’ll find Aviary. It is a bar and restaurant on the roof. The bar menu at Aviary has a great variety. There are numerous options available on the beverages menu, ranging in price from £7 glasses of chardonnay to £12 cocktails. On the terrace, you can buy meals as well. Burgers, fries, salads, and various sides are available.
You can reserve an igloo for any party of six for a more special afternoon. Igloos can accommodate up to 12 people, however, right now they are only taking reservations for 6 individuals. I’ve visited the Aviary a few times and have always had a great time there. Since we frequently wind up there after work, it is STRONGLY advised. From myself and my coworkers, with love, hehe!

Sky Garden

Sky Terrace is a beautiful area with spectacular views from the top. It is a garden in the sky, as the name suggests. It has a sky bar and is London’s highest public sky garden. The only location that offers a complete perspective of London’s skyline is Sky Garden. The 43rd floor of THE Walkie Talkie is where you’ll find Sky Garden.
It offers the most breathtaking views of the London Eye, Shard, Tower Bridge, and more. If you want to wander about, Sky Garden is open to everyone. To enter the building, you must reserve a ticket, though.
Sky Garden is similar to walking into an airport. It’s important to keep in mind that the security check is techy on an airport level. A brasserie, a couple of cafés, and of course the City Garden Bar are all inside.